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The Nerd Is Your Hebrew Coach

Derek Leman, a.k.a. the Hebrew Nerd
Derek Leman, a.k.a The Hebrew Nerd
The Nerd used to be a congregational rabbi, the founder of a Messianic Jewish synagogue in Atlanta. He is a father of eight and grandfather of one. He has a number of published books on topics at the intersection of Judaism and Christianity.

He is perpetually taking on new Hebrew students who study with him online in a very affordable and effective manner. But the Nerd suggests you begin your Hebrew education right here for free.

Hebrew Coaching, Biblical Studies Mentoring

The Nerd’s students generally do one half hour session via Skype with him per week. Hebrew students use The First Hebrew Primer by EKS Publishing (see it here on amazon).

Biblical studies students work through various books the Nerd recommends and they often engage in close readings of the text with him. Here is what one of the Nerd’s students has to say.

All this coach-ness comes at a mere $20 per weekly session. The Nerd often needs new students, so contact him today.

Contact him at TheHebrewNerd at gmail dot com.

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