Learning Hebrew from Isaiah

The Nerd knows Hebrew learners long for meaningful experiences with the Hebrew Bible. The Nerd is a fan of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, who said:

There are no words in the world more knowing, more disclosing, and more indispensable; words both stern and graceful, heart-rending and healing. A truth so universal: God is One. A thought so consoling: He is with is in distress. A responsibility so overwhelming: His name can be desecrated. . . . A standard so bold: ye shall be holy. A commandment so daring: love thy neighbor as thyself. . . . And a gift so undeserved: the ability to repent.
–God in Search of Man, chapter 25, “The Bible and the World”

So the Nerd commends to you some lessons from the book of Isaiah. Learn to pronounce the words while reading excerpts from these prophetic verses.

Unit 1: Reading Words with Simple Vowels.

slide 3
Review of first five words.

Unit 2: Schwa (Sheva, Sh’va) and Composite Vowels.

Hebrew reading chart Isaiah 12
Isaiah 12.

Unit 3: Reading Isaiah 12.

isaiah 12:1-2 Hebrew-English interlinear
Isaiah 12:1-2

Unit 4: Nouns in Isaiah 2:2-4.

nouns in Isaiah 2:2-4, #3

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