Nerd’s Guide to Hebrew Grammar

The Nerd has been told he is unusual for liking grammar. It isn’t really that the Nerd likes grammar so much as he likes reading the Hebrew Bible and chewing on the original language to enjoy the details.

The Nerd hopes this guide to Hebrew grammar will be a resource for thousands of people and launch them into a deeper study and an enriching life.

1 Consonants

2 Vowels

3 Syllables and Schwa


4 Nouns

5 Prepositions

6 Using a Hebrew Lexicon

7 Pronouns

8 Demonstratives

9 Qal Imperfect

10 More on the Qal Imperfect

11 Reading the Bible in Hebrew

12 Word Pairs (Construct)

13 Qal Perfect

14 More on the Qal Perfect

15 Adjectives

16 Participles

17 Imperatives

18 Infinitives

19 Beyond Qal: Other Verb Patterns Summarized

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