Videos for Hebrew Beginners

Learning the Alefbet and Vowels

The Nerd is a star in a number of YouTube videos featuring flashcards to help you learn to read Hebrew in a flash. This is why they call them flashcards. It’s not that the cards are flashy and they don’t light up (unless you light them, which the Nerd thinks is a bad idea). It’s that learning doesn’t have to be slow. It can be flashy quick, accelerated to a blistering pace by neuro-stimulation involving touch, smell, sight, and sound. You could also taste the cards if you want, but the factories they’re made in might not be sanitary.

You should make or buy your own flashcards too. But for now, since the Nerd knows you want the instant gratification the interwebs have caused you to expect, he is here in a flashy flash to help you out.

Alefbet #1: A Pep Talk and First Look.

Alefbet #2: Consonants in Order.

Alefbet #3: Consonants Shuffled.

Alefbet #4: The Nerd Sings a Song.

Alefbet #5: Soft Letters and Final Letters.

Alefbet #6: All the Consonants Scrambled.

Alefbet #7: The Vowels.

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