Biblical History from Exodus to Exile

(this is a work in progress, as of May 12, 2018 the Nerd is still working on it)

Derek Leman,

Major Time Periods:

  • Exodus & Wilderness
  • Conquest & Settlement
  • Judges Period: A Loose Confederation
  • United Monarchy: Saul, David, Solomon
  • Divided Monarchy
    • Before Samaria’s Fall
    • Judah Hangs On
  • Destruction
    • Deportations
    • The Remnant in the Land
  • Israel in Babylon

Special Topics

  • Sources Mentioned by Name in the Bible
  • Biblical Narrative: Monolith or Tapestry?
  • Suspected Layers and Documentary Sources
  • Israel as the First Historians
  • Ahistorical Literary Conventions
  • The Midianite and Levite Hypotheses
  • Theories Concerning Israel’s Settlement in the Land
  • Historical Snapshots in the Prophetic Writings
  • Archaeological Reference Points
  • Multiple Sanctuaries, the Changing Tithe, and Other Changes in Torah
  • Israel’s Evolving Self-Understanding, Covenant, & Torah
  • Priestly, Wisdom, Prophetic, and Other Perspectives in Israel

Questions Leading Up to the Exodus:

  • Are all of the tribes in Egypt, really?
  • Where has God been while the Israelites have entered into bondage?
  • How long has Israel been here?