Good Hebrew Tattoos

a good hebrew tattoo
Mitch’s children’s names arranged in the shape of the Hebrew letter Alef.
There’s a famous/infamous website called “Bad Hebrew Tattoos.” But sometimes people get it right (like when they consult with someone before going to the tattoo parlor).

Take my friend Mitch, for example. He is one bad dude. Muscled, manly, a sheriff’s deputy keeping his county safe in the greater Atlanta area. And he asked me a few days ago, “Could you help me with the spelling of my kids’ names in Hebrew? And could we arrange them maybe in the shape of the letter Alef?”

You see the results. Nice arm, right?

But why would Mitch get his kids’ names tatted on his arm and do so, of all things, in Hebrew?

When you are grateful for the greatest gifts life has ever given you, sometimes you have be extravagant. And Mitch has a number of things to be grateful for. There’s his wife, an accomplished and lovely woman, principal of a gigantic high school. There are his to daughters and his son, the very names tatted on his forearm (Austin, Allie, and Hannah). You can see all that, right? But why Hebrew?

Because when God has been good to you, and shown you new things, and when a Hebraic perspective (Jewish, insights gained from crossing the boundary to understand the Bible as much as possible in its native cultural setting) has been central to your faith revolution, well, a Hebrew tattoo just makes sense.

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