Learning to Read Hebrew from Isaiah, Unit 3

People learning to read Hebrew want to read inspiring verses from the Hebrew Bible. The Nerd thinks Isaiah 12 is one of the best. To beginning readers this passage is difficult. It contains, for example several examples of Qametz Hatuf. This follows a special rule in which qametz in an unaccented closed syllable is pronounced with a long o sound. Listen to the Nerd as he pronounce the vowels and you will catch it. This is a rather obscure and uncommon vowel. So focus on the big picture and enjoy reading Isaiah 12.

isaiah 12:1-2 Hebrew-English interlinear
Isaiah 12:1-2

Audio, the Nerd reads Isaiah 12:1-2:

isaiah 12:3-4 Hebrew-English interlinear
Isaiah 12:3-4

Audio, the Nerd reads Isaiah 12:3-4:

isaiah 12:5-6 Hebrew-English interlinear
Isaiah 12:5-6

Audio, the Nerd reads Isaiah 12:5-6:


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