Proverbs 10:1-6

The difference between staring at a page of the Bible and becoming engaged by its content generally comes down to one factor, the Nerd thinks. Great commentary. Since the Nerd is discussing Proverbs 10:1-6 this month, that commentary is Michael Fox’s volume on Proverbs 10-31 in the Anchor-Yale series.

Appreciating the depth of biblical literature requires the experience and insight of those who know the material well enough to speak about patterns, variations, background, and implications. The casual reader won’t be able to get that far. You could try to develop the needed reserve of knowledge on your own, but the Nerd thinks you’ll never do as well without great commentators. Why not?

Any field of knowledge builds over time upon the work of a chain of predecessors. A self-taught “expert” will never catch up to the accumulated insight of a scholar who has read most of what has been written on a subject.

Yes, the Nerd says the Bible is best read with good commentary. It is not a simple collection, this thing we call the Bible. Perhaps these slides the Nerd has prepared will help you see the subtlety of Proverbs 10:1-6.

proverbs 10:1 hebrew and english

proverbs 10:2 hebrew and english

proverbs 10:3 hebrew and english

proverbs 10:4 hebrew and english

proverbs 10:5 hebrew and english

proverbs 10:6 hebrew and english

One thought on “Proverbs 10:1-6”

  1. I have to agree & disagree with your reliance on” good commentary “. sometimes commentary will lead us away from truth down rabbit holes.
    what is good commentary? who decides it, who is reliable …Who has “the truth”. we must be very careful and put away our assumptions keep our minds open to the leaning of the spirit when I read a verse G-d has something very different to impart to me then he dose for you.

    10:3 evil doers have one appetite after another, never being satisfied. the righteous do suffer but our appetite is focused on G-d and he does satisfy us all of our days regardless of circumstance.

    where is everyone? and Derek would you answer my questions from the post about verse 10:1 thanks

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