Torah Commentary

The Nerd has had an email list for a number of years. He sends out commentary daily on the Torah in plain text format (because his readers appreciate being able to easily read it on their phones at work while the boss isn’t looking). The full commentaries on the books of Torah, refined year by year on the email list, is posted here.

You can sign up for the Nerd’s “Daily Portion” email list here:

The Nerd writes under the pseudonym Derek Leman. Believe what you will about authorship. He published his commentary on the Torah here free for the taking. He may publish some or all of them in paper and eBook format in 2018 and 2019.

The Nerd’s Newest Torah Commentary

Genesis is now complete (as of 12-30-2017), and you can read it subdivided into the weekly schedule followed by synagogues all over the world. Exodus is under way and the rest of the Torah will appear as the weekly portions are scheduled throughout 2018.

Daily Portions in Genesis: A Complete Commentary with Daily Readings

Daily Portions in Exodus: A Complete Commentary with Daily Readings

Excursus from Exodus: How Can Torah Permit Slavery?

Daily Portions in Leviticus: A Complete Commentary with Daily Readings

Daily Portions in Numbers: A Complete Commentary with Daily Readings

The Nerd’s Older Torah Commentary

Bereishit, Genesis: Commentary and Outlines.

Shemot, Exodus: Commentary and Outlines.

Vayikra, Leviticus: Commentary and Outlines.

Bamidbar, Numbers: Commentary and Outlines.

Devarim, Deuteronomy: Commentary and Outlines.