Videos: Deuteronomy for Today

hebrew nerd logo What is Deuteronomy and why would some people want to read it? The climax of the Torah. A book Jesus drew inspiration from. A book of ideas from classical antiquity. Let’s talk about it.

So the Nerd wants people to know . . .
he has something for everyone interested in the Bible. Learning Hebrew (see more below) is not everybody’s passion. So the Nerd talks Bible too. More video and more content to come. Stay tuned.

Learn to Read and Translate Biblical Hebrew From the Nerd

People who read the Torah, the Bible — regardless if they’re Jewish, Christian, or otherwise — need brain food. Hebrew expands your mind and speaks to your soul. The Nerd would love to teach you how.

The ancient scribes and prophets behind the Hebrew Bible (what Christians call the “Old Testament”) ate, slept, and breathed what we now call “Classical Hebrew.” People often call it “Biblical Hebrew.” There can be no more authentic way to discover the grandeur of this ancient literature than by learning the letters, sounds, words, phrases, syntax and meaning of ancient Hebrew.

These words also call out to us from the pages of the Jewish prayerbook (the Siddur). Becoming adept in Hebrew increases your skill and comprehension of the prayers and traditions of Judaism.

If you think about it, the unused portions of your brain are already turning to mental flab. You need this.

Twelve Reasons to Learn Hebrew.

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration. The Nerd found Hebrew difficult in college, started forgetting his Hebrew right after college, played with Hebrew off and on for years, but finally got serious about it one glorious, world-changing day. You can too. Learning to read Hebrew, translate phrases and sentences, and understanding grammar can expand your mind and soul.

Hebrew alefbet
Twenty-two consonants and ten vowels. That’s what stands between most people and learning Hebrew. The Nerd has seen students quit because of the alefbet and vowels.

The Nerd says, “Believe in yourself,” and “Winners never quit,” and “Make flashcards!”

Videos for Hebrew Beginners.

The Nerd knows YouTube is a great way to learn. So combining YouTube videos with flashcards (the Nerd’s favorite tool), he shows you the Hebrew letters and vowels. You will learn the alefbet and the weird variations of the letters plus vowels and more.

The Nerd’s Guide to Hebrew Grammar.

Geeks love grammar. Poets use it. Readers absorb it. If you aspire to read the Hebrew Bible in its original language, grammar has its place in your journey. Let the Nerd show you how.

Learning Hebrew from Isaiah.

Isaiah is the Nerd’s specialty. It seems a fitting place to learn some Hebrew too. Starting with reading and pronunciation of Hebrew, this series of posts brings you step by step into being able to read Hebrew (out loud).

Intermediate Level Hebrew.

The Nerd isn’t just educating beginners in Hebrew. He loves to share translation notes and provide students who already know some Hebrew exercises for practicing and texts for reading and study.

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